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New Hampshire

> Impromptu Collies -- Dr. Martin and Mrs. Barbara Schwartz (Hollis)
> Gateside Collies -- Katherine DelGrosso (Hopkinton)
> Mascoma Collies -- Liz and Hailey Klein and Evelyn Naglie (Hancock)
> Special Collies -- Laura LaBounty (E. Swanzey)

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This is the time of year when the little field mice begin looking for warmer winter quarters. They can squeeze themselves through the tiniest spaces, so they sometimes find their way into our house. Here's a funny thing . . . A few weeks ago, Flute [CH Lisara Gloaming Wood Flute] was lying by the breakfront in the kitchen, staring intently at the space between it and the wall. "Uh oh," we said, "that doesn't look good." She had the kind of intense look a dog or cat has when they know a mouse or other small critter is hiding just out of reach. Ed got the flashlight, and no, it wasn't a mouse . . . it was a peanut that must have rolled there. Flute loves peanuts!

Wishing you all a happy holiday with lots of peanuts or whatever it is your heart desires!

– Anne Lively, Editor and Publisher, The Cassette

Source: From the Editor, The Cassette, Fall 2014, p.3