Ring Patterns: A look back at February 2016

Collie Club of New England leads with best turnout
There were 42 specialty shows held in 11 states during February: Arizona, Georgia, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Missouri, California, North Carolina, Massachusetts, Illinois and Washington. Meredith Hector, whose original breed is Shetland Sheepdogs, judged the largest talent pool, surveying 78 collies -- 51 roughs and 27 smooths -- at the Saturday morning show hosted by Collie Club of New England in Massachusetts on February 20. Judge Hector was approved provisionally on June 2, 2015.

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Judge (initial breed if other than Collies) Rough/Smooth Entry exhibited Total Collies
Date Specialty Show Date Approved to Judge Collies

Washington State circuit draws the largest entries
Overlake Collie Club and Collie Club of Washington held four specialty shows in three days over the weekend of February 26 - 28. The average entry per day was 75 under judges Carl Williford, Carol Chapman, Thomas Coen and Nioma Coen. Another notable circuit with higher enty totals for the month was the Wisconsin Specialties pulling in an average of 68 entries per day with judges Thomas Coen, William K. Brokken, M.D, Ronald McGee and Timothy Garrison. These shows were held earlier in the month on February 6 and 7.

Collie Club of New England pulls largest single day entry
Judge Hector tallied the largest entry for the month with a total of 83 at the Collie Club of New England Specialty Show on February 20.

Judge (initial breed if other than Collies) State Total Entry of Collies Date Specialty Show Date Approved to Judge Collies

Collies excelling in the Herding Group
A total of 14 judges awarded 15 Herding Group placements, including a Group 1 award, 5 Group 2s, 4 Group 3s and 5 Group 4s. The rough variety came away with a ribbon 11 times compared to 4 for the smooth variety. June Penta gave out multiple placements and Eric Liebes awarded the only Group One award for the month to the rough variety. Judge Liebes was approved for Collies May 15, 2015. The largest herding group where a collie placed was under Sulie Greendale-Paveza -- a Group 4 for the smooth variety. Judge Greendale-Paveza has been judging Collies since October 13, 1999 and her original breed is Shetland Sheepdogs.

Judge (Intial Breed or Country) Total Shown in Herding Group / Variety awarded and placement State Date All Breed Show Date Approved to Judge Collies

Owner handlers also in the ribbons
Herding Group judges placed collies eight times in the AKC National Owner-Handled Series, including a Group 1 by Ken Buxton at the Central Indiana Kennel Club on February 11.

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Judge (Intial Breed or Country) Variety awarded and placement State Date All Breed Show Date Approved to Judge Collies
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