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COL is proud to introduce a new weekly feature available to Collie Rescue Organizations across the country, free of charge, called Saturday's Collie. Every week we will feature a collie from a 501c3 rescue with a photo or two and a bio describing the collie's story and personality. Contact us to reserve a space for your organization, and we will let you know when your rescue collie will appear. We recognize that there are hundreds of deserving collies rescued yearly by dedicated groups who restore collies to health, revive their collie character, and match them with new homes. We'd love to include as many rescues as possible and will continue to feature new collies every Saturday of the month, as long as groups keep sending them.

Meet All The Saturday's Collies Featured on Collies Online

Meet Cotton Saturday's Collie, January 12, 2008
Meet Brian Saturday's Collie, January 5, 2008
Meet Rocky Saturday's Collie, December 8, 2007
Meet Gabe Saturday's Collie, December 1, 2007
Meet Belle Saturday's Collie, November 17, 2007
Meet Tara Saturday's Collie, November 10, 2007
Meet Mollie Saturday's Collie, October 20, 2007
Meet River Saturday's Collie, October 13, 2007
Meet Buster Black Saturday's Collie, October 6, 2007
Meet Peanut Saturday's Collie, September 29, 2007
Meet Finnegan Saturday's Collie, September 22, 2007
Meet Jodi Saturday's Collie, September 15, 2007
Meet Heidi Saturday's Collie, September 8, 2007
Meet Frankie Saturday's Collie, September 1, 2007
Meet Tony Saturday's Collie, August 25, 2007
Meet Priss Saturday's Collie, August 25, 2007

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Many avenues are available to assist collie rescue organizations near you or nationally through the Collie Rescue Foundation. Of course, monetary donations are always needed and appreciated to help pay for spay/neuter, worming, heartworm treatment and preventative, vaccinations, surgeries, and food. There are, however, many ways to assist rescue such as donating supplies, offering to foster, helping to transport, as well as offering services and expertise.

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Sunnybank was the home of Albert Payson Terhune, renowned dog writer, Collie breeder, and owner, and served as the setting for many of his famous dog stories. Although Sunnybank House was demolished in 1969, over nine acres of the property remain for the public to enjoy. Here you can see Lad's grave, and further up the hill, the graves of Bruce, "The Dog Without A Fault," and Jean. Continue along to the graves of the other Collie greats like Wolf, Fair Ellen, Treve, and Gray Dawn at Champion Rock, stop by the old puppy run, and relax as the Master and Mistress did in years gone by at the Lily Pool or the Evening Lookout and feel the magic of Sunnybank.

SOURCE:, Events, Sunnybank Gathering

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