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Ch. Tartanside Heir Apparent
Ch. Tartanside Th' Critics Choice
Ch. Briarhill Midnight High
Ch. Jancada Tartanside Traveler
Ch. Tartanside Appararently
Ch. Tartanside Rhapsody
Ch. Executive's Handle With Care
Ch. Candle Haven Oratorio (sire)
Ch. Westwend's Hogan's Hero
Ch. Candle Haven Tinsmith
Candray Cordelia
Candle Haven Desert Song
Ch. Candray Damian Bleu
Candray Catalina
Candray Cordelia
Ch. Shenstone Critics Edition
Ch. Shenstones Bit Of Intrigue
Aluren Autumn Bouquet
Tartanside Absolute
Ch. Tartanside Th Critics Choice
Ch. Tartanside Arabesque
Ch. Tartanside Ballerina
Candle Haven Cabaret (dam)
Ch. Countryview Monumental
Ch. Candray Blues In The Night
Ch. Candray Brilliance
Ch. Candle Haven Riverdance
Ch. Jancada Tartanside Traveler
Candle Haven Minuet
Candle Haven Desert Song

Other information
Sable Dog
Whelped January 2002
Half brother to 2001 CCA Best of Breed Winner
Ch. Caledonia By Candle Light

Candle Haven Collies

Patricia Edwards and Karen and Gary Jordan
Durham, Connecticut ~ North Haven, Connecticut