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Nice, but can I get it on a tapestry blanket??


Cindy Alvarado has graciously given permission to the CCA FOUNDATION to use her print "Follow the Leader" to create a limited edition tapestry blanket for sale at the 2001 CCA National Specialty. A tri-color rough collie stands in front of a chestnut foal, and a sable rough puppy follows. The grass is a rich green, the sky a soft blue - a typical Kentucky scene.

This 51" x 68" blanket will be available for pick-up at the Nationals** or you can arrange for delivery, if you choose. The cost is $60.00 if you plan to pick it up in Louisville, or $65 if you want it shipped. Please note that blankets to be shipped will not be sent until AFTER the National, but all pre-orders will be honored before general sales.

Send orders to: Krista Hansen, 1525 Minkel Road, North Java, NY, 14113
(716) 535-7549 CamlochCollies@aol.com All orders must be in US funds;
make checks payable to the CCA Foundation.

Name _____________________________________________________________________________

Address ___________________________________________________________________________

City _______________________________________ State _________________ Zip _____________

Phone _________________________________ e-mail _____________________________________

Please send me: Quantity @$60 each Shipping @$5 each* Total 
Tapestry Blanket       
*not applicable for orders to be picked up in Louisville Total amount enclosed:   

**Note: For pickup at the Nationals, orders must be received by April 13,2001.