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Frequently Asked Questions

New full color ads -- 960 pixels wide by 540 pixels -- are published every Saturday of the month. Read through our frequently asked questions and answers to see how easy it is to advertise on Collies Online.

1. I have never done an online ad, how do I get started?
Just email us your photo and ad copy (what you want to say) and we will prepare an ad for you. We will also send you a proof of the ad before the publish date. If possible, please include all the details, instructions and attachments of your ad in one email. Our email address is

2. Will I see a preview of my ad before it is published?
Yes, we will email you a preview of your ad before the publish date.

3. How long will my ad be published online?
We publish new ads every saturday. Your ad will remain in the ad tunnel for 1 week.
A link to the ad also appears on the contents page for one month. After the one-month run on the contents page, the link is then displayed in the advertising archive pages.

4. Can I design my own ad and is there a discount?
If you prefer to design the ad yourself or to have another designer create your ad, please submit the file as a 72 dpi jpg. The ad space is 960 pixels wide with a height of 540 pixels. We offer a 30% discount to ads that are sent designed in the above mentioned specifications.

5. What is the difference between a lead ad and an interior ad?

New display advertising is arranged in a tunnel with the homepage of the site serving as the lead ad. All ads that follow the lead ad are interior ads.

6. How do I request a specific ad placement?
Just email us to inquire about a specific publish date. We conveniently publish new ads every Saturday of the month.

7. How much does it cost to advertise?

Advertising Rates Updated February 2016
- Lead ad: $100 (Paid in full at the time of reservation)
- Pages 2-4: $75
- All other ads: $50
- Web ready Lead Ad: $85
- Web ready Pages 2-4: $60
- All other Web ready ads: $35
- Each extra photo/logo: $10
- Ad re-run (no changes to ad): $10
- Email and website links: free
- Link to a pedigree on your website: free
- Link to a pedigree hosted on COL: $10
- New Breeder Listing, 1 Year: $100 , Renewals are $75

Payment is due on or before the publish date of your ad.

8. What is a breeders directory listing?
Take advantage of the traffic that comes to our site by listing your kennel in our breeders directory. The breeders directory is organized by state and has several features to attract collie lovers to your kennel. A listing includes, links to your ads, website and facebook pages, your latest litter announcement and contact information, making it easy for those who come to Collies Online via a search engine or a browser bookmark to locate you.

9. How much does it cost to list my kennel in the breeders directory?
Here are the links to pay for a Collies Online Breeder Listing:

> Pay for a 1-year Breeders Directory Membership

> Renew your existing Breeders Directory Membership

10. How do I get listed in the breeders directory?
Send your request to: with the subject line, "Breeder Listing"

11. How do I pay for my ad?
Click the link below to pay for your ad or breeder's listing using either PayPal or your credit card (you don't need a PayPal account to use the PayPal site to pay with your credit card).

> Pay online

We also accept checks made payable to 'Karen Jordan' sent to:

Gary and Karen Jordan
P.O. Box 416
Dunedin, FL 34697

Payment is due on or before the publish date of your ad.

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