Performance Week 2013

An Interview with COL

1. What Collies have you been working with since the last Performance Issue in September of 2012?

Terry Thistlethwaite -- Littlefield Hot WheelsTerry Thistlethwaite: My youngster, Littlefield Hot Wheels, a.k.a., Nellie The Collie (co-owned with Cathy Squire and Geraldine Clarke) is the main focus here, right now, and she is everything her name implies in intelligence, drive, and work ethic. True to her Tartanside heritage (She's by CH Tartanside Oliver Twist ex Tartanside Littlefield Adorable), she has everything it takes physically, mentally, and emotionally to be a multi-faceted working and performance dog. The fact that she's also beautiful is just the icing.

Counselor Collies -- C-ATCH Wizard Wind Counselor’s Heir HT, CGC, OA, AXJ, OF, OAP, NJP, NFP, NAC, O-TN-O, N-TG, OCC, OJC, N-WV, PG-1, AG1, Ch. STKim Parker: Harvey is my only collie and my oldest dog right now. I find this is the time that I love sharing the most -- the time with my oldest dog.


Trailwind ColliesSue Larson: I have my two boys that I'm working now. Since last year, my youngster, Entais Exhilaration, TD, PT ("Thrill") earned both his PT and his TD. We've also spent the year in agility training and he's just about ready to compete in Novice. We also moved forward with TDX training and will pick that up again as soon as it rains here. He's a fun boy, with lots of drive and enthusiasm, and I'm enjoying working with him.

My other boy is 6-year-old "Jif" (TC Trailwind Fairways Fast Forward, TDX, HXAds, MXB, MJS, XF, VX) and his HUGE accomplishment this past year was completing his Herding Championship. Since he already had both his conformation championship and his MACH, this made him a Dual Champion and a Triple Champion all at the same time. He is only the third triple champion Collie in the country. Jif is also a really good tracking dog and we're working on VST (Variable Surface Tracking) now. If he could get that VST title, it would make him a CT (Champion Tracker), and, well, I don't even want to think about that!

Athleen Zimmermann -- MACH Crispin's Darrowby Showman, MX, MXB, MXJ, MJB, OF, T2B2Athleen Zimmermann: I've been working with my 3- year-old tricolor Collie, Darry, working towards his Championship, which he got in July 2013. We also started Coursing Ability, and he got two of the three legs needed for a CAT title (Coursing Ability Title).
I've also been working with my 8-year-old tricolor Collie, Dylan, towards his Preferred Championship, which he got in December of 2012. In March of this year, when he turned 9, I retired him from agility.


Forecast Collies -- CH MACH Evergreen Perfect Ten Forecast, PT, MXF, T2B, VX and Forecast Perfect Storm Dancin' HSAd, MX, MXJ, XF, NAP, VACarol Lariviere: I've been working with the same 2 dogs since last year. I've dropped Soleil to Preferred so she is able to jump 4" less to preserve her body.

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The Collie presents an impressive, proud picture of true balance, each part being in harmonious proportion to every other part and to the whole.

– from the AKC Collie Breed Standard

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