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Ch. Row-Bar's Southern Heritage HT

What qualities distinguish your stud dog, including conformation attributes, temperament, show career, etc.?
Ch. Row-Bar's Southern Heritage HT, "Clayton," displays soundness, type, and temperament. He is both a Specialty BIS and an all-breed group winner. One if his most obvious qualities is soundness. The picture of him in a flying trot says it all. His shoulder structure, viewed from the side, along with the correct rear angulation, allow him to move as well as he does. He is balanced -- neither too straight nor over-angulated -- and he is longer than he is tall. Clayton has a long, lean, clean head, well-placed stop, and a beautiful skull. His skull is properly filled and cornered with just a slight prominence of the occiput.

What should bitch owners know about your stud? i.e. eye check, pure for sable, etc.
Clayton is a tri-factored, rough-factored, mahogany sable. He has mild CRC and is OFA Good.

Comment on anything else that you would like people to know about your stud, his breeding and his get.
Clayton is the product of six generations of Row-Bar breedings. All these breedings were type-to-type, concentrating on long, lean, clean heads with no depth, flat skulls, and very sound, correctly structured bodies. We think this makes Clayton a dominant sire. In four litters, he has produced nine smooth champions; several others are pointed, including two roughs.

Please summarize in a paragraph or two your breeding philosophy and how your stud dog fits into that philosophy.
Our goal is to produce the best collie that we can, keeping in mind the Collies' original working function and using the guide of the Collie Standard. We think that if a collie lacks the soundness to function as a working dog, it doesn't really have breed type at all. Our breeding mottoes, "Breeding for Soundness, Type and Temperament" and
"Breeding for Quality, Not Quantity" should sum it up!


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