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Ch. Ballyhara Strike Up the Band

What qualities distinguish your stud dog, including conformation attributes, temperament, show career, etc.?
First and foremost, Desi has a very good temperament. He is happy, outgoing, yet gentle. Equally important, he is a balanced dog. His conformation qualities include a long, very lean, one-piece head, full round smooth muzzle, no depth, nice head planes, correct bite all the way around and a very sweet expression with correct eye size, shape, color and placement. His coat is profuse and correct. He was groomed with water or conditioner at shows. Desi is a very athletic dog. He has a very nice reach and drive and finds himself on the top of the picnic table or grooming table whenever he gets a chance. He finished his Championship very quickly. With rare exception, I do not special my dogs.

What should bitch owners know about your stud? i.e. eye check, pure for sable etc.
Desi is a tri-factored sable. His eye check is Grade 2.

Please summarize in a paragraph or two your breeding philosophy and how your stud dog fits into that philosophy.
I have been breeding and showing collies since 1971. I have never had big numbers of dogs and my dogs are all a part of my life and household. Temperament and balance are the two most important things to me. Desi possesses both of these qualities and passes them on. Without good temperament, it's difficult to have a good show dog or a good pet. I have to take into consideration that many of my dogs will end up with families in pet homes -- it's inevitable. They must have good personalities to make the transition. Health is also a big factor. I like my dogs to be easy keepers.

Finally, a beautiful face is a must. I want my dogs to make me smile when I look at them and then I want them to smile back.


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