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Ch. Capella's Midnight Blues

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Ch. Capella's Midnight Blues
Ch. Capella's Midnight Blues

Comment on important kennel lines in the pedigree.
The pedigree speaks for itself. Names on both sides of the pedigree are known for producing in the show ring -- many of whom are ROM producers and National Specialty winners. In Memphis, I see the attributes that have made the bloodlines on both side so dominate for the breeders' look. I believe that every one of the dogs and bitches on his pedigree have contributed to make Memphis the dominate stud dog he is.

He is the result of an outcross that his breeder and co-owner, Debbie Price, Pete Denbow and I brainstormed at the National in Kansas City. His dam, Ch. Lisara's Slick Chic, was in season and Debbie was looking for a stud dog to for her. The Ch. Vennessee's Midnight Express puppies were just hitting the show ring and they literally took your breath away. Debbie bred Slick Chic to "Mister" and agreed to let me have a smooth from the litter. As fate would have it, there was only one smooth in that litter -- Memphis. And, since Debbie didn't want a dog at the time, she was kind enough to let Memphis come live with me. Even though he is the result of an outcross, Memphis' puppies and grandpuppies have been dominant for his look.

Comment on anything else that you would like people to know about your stud.
Memphis is now 7-1/2 years old and he is continuing to surprise me. He still moves like a young dog, as so many different people have told me. He has never changed in temperament or lost any of the virtues that I look for in a companion, show dog or in what I preceive as a close to ideal collie. Memphis is my once in a lifetime dog that I hope is around for many more years.