Smooth sires with multiple smooth get who combined for at least 4 specialty majors, January through December, 2006. Also listed are the judges who awarded the majors and the number of points awarded.

#1 Ch. Timeless Golden Warrior

Ch. Timeless Golden Warrior ROM
sable smooth dog
14 specialty majors awarded to 8 smooth get
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Signet's Sunshine Delight
(B) Judge: Phyllis Autrey 5 pts
Timeless Liberty Warrior (D) Judge: Marcia Keller pts
Timeless Norwest Midnite Warrior (D) Judge Mark Lucas 4 pts
Timeless Simply Irresistible (B) Judges: Mary Wells, Linda Robbins, Helga Kane 4 pts, 4 pts, 5 pts
Timeless Solid Ground
(D )Judges: Linda Robbins, Dan Cardoza, Maret Halinen 4 pts, 4 pts, 4 pts
Timeless Burnt Sugar
(B) Judge: Mike Van Tassell 4 pts
Timeless Gold Trace
(D) Judges: Pati Merrill, Maret Halinen, Brenda Miramon 5 pts, 5 pts, 5 pts
Timeless Golden Whisper
(B) Judge: Helga Kane 4 pts

#2 Ch. Summerwind Shalee LBJ

Ch. Summerwind Shalee LBJ
Tri smooth dog
7 specialty majors awarded to 4 smooth get

Merrytime-N-Shalee JFK (D) Judge: Janet Hitt 4 pts
Merrytime-Shalee Crossing Jordan (B) Judges: Linda Robbins 3 pts
Shalee N Jolee's Referee (D) Judges: Mary Wells, Tim Garrison 3 pts, 5 pts
Shalee-N Jolee's First-N-Goal (D) Judges: Betty Peplin, Dennis Elliot, James Noe 4 pts, 3 pts, 4 pts

#3 Ch. Fantasy's Touched By An Angel

Ch. Fantasy's Touched By An Angel
Sable smooth dog
4 specialty majors awarded to 3 smooth get

Long Acre's Forgot My Coat (B) Judge: Linda Robbins 4 pts
Long Acre Silhouette Solid Gold (D) Judge: Marcia Keller 3 pts
Long Acre's The Archangel (D) Judge: Les Canavan, Richard F. Greathouse M.D 5 pts, 4 pts

The Collie presents an impressive, proud picture of true balance, each part being in harmonious proportion to every other part and to the whole.

– from the AKC Collie Breed Standard

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