San Diego Collie CLub
February 24, 2007

A letter to Cathy Toft at The Road Home Collie Rescue Group from the San Diego CC, dedicating the club's Feb.24th specialty show to all collie rescue groups and to all homeless collie friends looking for a special place in someone's heart.

Dear Cathy,

What a wonderful day we had at the San Diego Collie Club on Saturday, February 24th, where our specialty  was an event dedicated to Collie Rescue. The weather was glowing -- not a cloud in the sky. We invited Southland Collie Rescue to bring a few homeless collies in hope that some would become family members and no longer rescue dogs. Two out of the four collies that Linda Kratz and Sue Baldwin brought are most likely going to new homes. One of them is a three-year-old sable male with severe DM lesions on his face and feet which the new family is willing to manage. We are so happy for those dear dogs.

We had a special banner reading, PLEASE SUPPORT COLLIE RESCUE, and a brand new canopy, under which SCR could present the dogs comfortably. It seemed like more spectators were in our show site park than we have ever seen before. It was great for raising awareness.

We had a Rescue Raffle and a chili booth, hosted by Gino and Celia Leckron and Dale Keith, as fund raisers with donation jars in five different areas . . . with the major one at the complimentary cake table where there was a delicious white cream-filled cake with blue and white icing, saluting Collie Rescue. Stickers, made to wear, were given to everyone who donated or bought chili or raffle tickets that read,  I SUPPORT COLLIE RESCUE. Everyone wore them proudly. 

The Collie Club of San Diego
Catalog Cover

Our catalog printing was done at no charge by Kinko's and contained  information regarding collie rescue. Free catalogs were given to everyone  who wanted one. We had copies of The Road Home's Newsletter as a handout to every person on the grounds. It was a "feel good" day for all participants! The highlight of the day was certainly Rick Aeschliman's two prints, "The Road Home" and "Joy." Ed Degner's daughter, Chelsea, won  the "Joy" print by going Best of Breed with her beautiful smooth collie bitch. "The Road Home" print was won by a local collie owner, Sandi Shore, who came to exhibit for the first time in her life with her white Collie puppy. We had many raffle prize donations, such as a framed original vintage print from Gayle Kaye's collection . . . three silver and gold jewelry pendants from the artist Rick Lingenfelter . . . doggy gift baskets from Pet-Co . . . a collie statue, signed by artist, from Jeannette Poling . . . a soft-sided, travel crate and a large, tapestry-covered dog bed donated by the SDCC . . . gallons of shampoo and vitamins . . . and many other nice prizes . . . It was a fun raffle!!!.

Raffle prizes --- (bottom) a lovely vintage
picture donated by Gayle Kaye and
(top) the beautiful, "The Road Home" print

I have to say that the participating members of the
SoCal. Collie Club of America District, headed by CCA Directors Randy Smith and Brinda Chavez, were united at this event and were very generous with many $50 donations and higher. Lots of raffle tickets were purchased, too!  We went into the function with a total of $200 pre -event donations from Collies Online, Gayle Kaye, Janine Walker-Keith and Jeannette Poling.

I am  so happy to say that the SDCC will be sending The Road Home K9 Collie Rescue a check for $1,000 to help our beloved breed. The funds came from participating SoCal. District CCA members and other friends of collies through this SDCC event.  We raised $1,160 total with $160 from the chili booth going to Southland Rescue with their total donations reaching $411. Please let us  extend our thank you to all the rescue workers in the United States that are the loving caregivers of our unwanted and abused collies . . . It is so hard to imagine any collie being unwanted.  We plan to send a catalog and letter to every collie club in the nation with a friendly challenge to match our endeavors in order to donate to their organization of choice.

Please let me know exactly where we should mail your check.

Warm wishes,
The San Diego Collie Club, Inc.
Janine Walker-Keith/Show Chairperson

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The Collie presents an impressive, proud picture of true balance, each part being in harmonious proportion to every other part and to the whole.

– from the AKC Collie Breed Standard

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