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Meet The Breeds
New York City, Piers 92 and 94

February 13, 2016

by Jackie Caruso, Devinwood Collies

This year’s Meet the Breeds was another successful event for the Collie thanks to Collie Club of America members, Judy Virchow and Kathleen Pirro, and also to Polly Baird from New York City, who braved the sub-zero cold and the crowds to bring their dogs, “Miley” – GCH Tisbury’s Love You Like the Devil, and "Thomas," who is a therapy dog, and our own “Boo” – Ashbury Moonlight Drive.

"Thomas" a therapy dog owned by Polly Baird.

Collies are one of the most sought after breeds at this event. The official photographers were snapping their pictures and many people were including the collies in their “selfies,” which subsequently were all over Instagram. The Collie is a “must see” dog for the attendees and you cannot have an event like this without the collie being represented. I am so grateful that these volunteers stepped up to represent our breed with me.

"Boo,” Ashbury Moonlight Drive, was thoroughly loved.

Everyone has a story of a collie they owned or knew. There is a romantic attachment to the collie like no other breed. It was great to have such wonderful representatives of the breed to present to the public. They endured hours of being on display, accepting hugs and kisses from the crowds of people with unending patience. It was good to have Thomas, who is a working therapy dog, there to show how versatile this wonderful breed is. We passed out almost every piece of collie literature we brought with us.

Left: Volunteers Judy Virchow with "Boo" (foreground) and Jackie Caruso (background). Right: "Miley" and "Boo."

A lot of work goes into this day, and it can be exhausting, but it is so worth it when you see how the collie is loved by so many people. The American Kennel Club does a fabulous job in presenting the purebred dog to the public. We all had such a great time that we have plans in place and ideas for next year! Thanks again to our hard working volunteers – human and canine . . . they made it a very successful day!

Left: "Thomas" with Polly Baird (foreground), and "Miley" next to Kathleen Pirro (background). Right: Litte girl waits for her collie kiss.

Judy Virchow and "Miley," GCH Tisbury’s Love You Like the Devil.

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