Ring Patterns: A look back at January 2017

Ring Patterns -  A month by month look back at the 2017 shows

New year begins with a bang in five states
There were 17 specialty shows held in five states during January: Texas, Oklahoma, Maryland, Ohio and Virginia. The show that garnered the highest number of collies entered at a show was for Judge Barbara Linder at Columbus Collie Club. There were 67 collies entered along with 58 in competition, 48 roughs and 10 smooths. Columbus CC held three specialty shows and this was the final specialty of the weekend on the same day as the Kem Memorial Sweepstakes judged by Carl Williford. Linder has been an American Kennel Club judge since November 1999.

Michael Van Tassell, judged the largest entry, surveying 61 collies – 37 roughs and 24 smooths – at the Sunday afternoon show hosted by Collie Club of Maryland on January 15. This show was the final specialty of the four-show weekend. Judge Van Tassell was approved for the breed in November of 2005. There was a total of 64 collies entered at this show.

The Columbus CC specialties pulled the largest numbers of rough collies for Judges Barbara Linder, Krista Hansen and Patricia Jung and the largest turnout for the smooth variety was at CC of Maryland for Judges Michael Van Tassell and Maret Halinen with 24 each day. The highest attendance for the smooth variety was found in Maryland with entries averaging around 20 for the four-show weekend then followed by Texas with 16 exhibits at each show.

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Judge (initial breed if other than Collies) Specialty Show Total Entry of Collies Total Collies
Rough/Smooth Entry exhibited Date Approved to Judge Collies

No deep freeze for Collies in the Herding Group
Collies were hot in the group in January as a total of 27 judges awarded 27 Herding Group placements and a Best in Show. The placements included six Group 1 awards, eight Group 2s, twelve Group 3s and one Group 4. The rough variety came away with a ribbon 18 times compared to 9 for the smooth variety.

Honoring the breed with Group 1 awards were Judges Houston Clark, Raymond Filburn Jr., Shelley Hennessy, Lydia Hutchinson, Jack Ireland and Murrel Purkhiser. The Best In Show was from Judge Cindy Voguls. The month's largest number of herding dogs shown – 320 – at a show in which a collie placed – Dog Fanciers Association of Oregon on January 20. In this case, the honor went to the smooth variety. The judge was Sam Houston McDonald whose initial breed was the Irish Setter. The total number of competitors at this show in the Pacific Northwest was a robust 1,969 with a total entry of 2,298.

Judge (Intial Breed or Country) Total Shown in Herding Group / Variety awarded and placement State Date All Breed Show Date Approved to Judge Collies

Owner handlers top the group five times
Herding Group judges placed collies 15 times in the AKC's National Owner-Handled Series, including five Group 1 awards by Judges Judith Brown, Patti Neale, Terry Depietro, Marjorie Tuff and Cheryl Patterson. The rough variety came away with a ribbon 10 times compared to five for the smooth variety.

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Judge (Intial Breed or Country) Variety awarded and placement State Date All Breed Show Date Approved to Judge Collies
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