Collie Health Foundation
2007 Dinner and Auction

The Collie Health Foundation Dinner and Auction will be held Thursday Evening, March 29, 2007 Ringside at the Cabarrus Arena.

Please send your dinner reservations to:
Robette Johns
6976 Coyote Trail
Oak Hills, CA 92344
NO LATER THAN March 16, 2007 to get the $20 rate.
Late reservations (after the deadline or at the National) will be $30.

2007 CHF Auction List of Donations, by Laura LaBounty

Night Auctions Items that were generously donated:

1. "Through Grey Mist" "Honoring The Past . . . Celebrating The Future" This print, created by Kathy George for Sunnybank 2006, is artist’s proof #2, signed by Kathy, the artist. Beautifully framed, the edition of 200 sold out in one day, so its value will continue to grow! Framed size approximately 13" x 16"

2. Fabulous piece of custom gold jewelry donated by the gallery of Ana Goulet and Virginia Perry Gardiner.

3. Handmade original cloth doll designed for the CHF by master dollmaker Bonnie Watters. Mrs. Watters has been designing unique heirloom dolls for more than 30 years. For the CHF, she has created “Colleen” an 18” tall doll with tri-color rough collie eyes and Scottish accents such as stylish tam hat and a hand-pleated skirt with antique skirt pin.

4. His Dogs: APT and the Sunnybank Collies, compiled by Kristina Marshall, Collie Club of America Foundation, 2001. This book is #6 of a limited print run which has sold out. The book is signed by Kristen Marshall, Irv Litvag and Bill Masterbrook. Donation courtesy of Brenda Walker.

5. Two handmade scarves by Martha Skilton, "Alexy Collies":
Original scarf hand-crafted from tri color rough Collie undercoat by Scarf is 6" x 58", with fringe.
Original scarf hand-crafted from sable & white rough Collie undercoat. Scarf is hand-knitted in a lace pattern Martha calls "Collie Paw". Scarf is 7" x 48".

6. 2 Gift Certificates to Vintage Dogwear for handmade custom (fit to the dog) decorative dog collars (can be worn only by smooth collies). The donation was made through Mike and Tucky Vaughan by their daughter Anne McGuire of Vintage Goldens.

7. Laura Weiss Original Artwork - Collie Candle Holder: Blue Fairy Forest - a blue merle collie sleeping and playing around him are little tiny blue merle fairies.

8. Sterling Silver Mother’s Day Plate by the Franklin Mint. Donation courtesy of Brian Phillips.

9. Two embroidered towel sets. Each set features a bath towel, hand towel and wash cloth. They each feature a flower pattern on the hand towels and wash cloths and the bath towels feature a sable and white rough collie. Donation courtesy of the artist, Mary Novocin of Cynara Collies.

10. Embroidered Table Runner features a flower pattern around the entire edge and collie puppies playing on the ends. Donation courtesy of the artist, Mary Novocin of Cynara Collies.

11. 1998 Limited edition of "SCOTTISH FARMER' This statue is from the Clydesdale collection. It is CLYD7 #2882 ANHEUSER-BUSCH, INC.ST. LOUIS,MO. Donation courtesy of Judy Bryant.

12. LOVING CUP won by Ch. Parader’s Country Squire in 1965, owned and showed by Steve Field. Donation courtesy of Judy Bryant.

13. Framed print called "BOBBIE". It is #153 OUT 800. The print is from England and is signed Howarth. It is approximately 33" tall and 38” wide. Expensively framed and ready to hang. Donation courtesy of Judy Bryant.

14. Original painting donated by the artist, Barbara A. Snyder, of PA.

15. 1966 CCA Show Catalog – The Collie Club of America – Host: The Columbus Collie Club (Columbus, Ohio) held Saturday, March 19 and Sunday, March 20th, 1966 with Kem Sweeps on Friday, March 18th, 1966.

16. Large Royal Doulton Collie Figurine.

17. 1967 Breeder of BOB Tray. Donation courtesy of Audrey Wicks.

18. Hand embroidered Collie picture donated by the Lynn Myers of Bolyn Collies.

19. Volume 1 – Collie Champions

20. Volume 2 – Collie Champions

21. 1960 and 1961 Yearbooks

22. In the Ramapos Book

23. Parader Book

24. Roos Book

25. Embroidered Collie Pillow

Dinner Information

Download the PDF below with all the Details about the Buffet Dinner and Auction.

The Collie presents an impressive, proud picture of true balance, each part being in harmonious proportion to every other part and to the whole.

– from the AKC Collie Breed Standard

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