The Collie Question for janauary 9, 2010

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January 16, 2009

We’re less than two weeks into the new year and we want to know your Collie resolutions for 2010. Have you resolved to participate more or less in some way, in your local club, the parent club; does your resolution have anything to do with technology; do you have a special breeding planned that’s going to re-double your efforts or take it all in a new direction; is this the year to improve your handling skills or deepen your knowledge of the breed through education? Tell us your goals for 2010.

Deadline for submission -- January 14, 2009

from George Rohde, Junior Handler

I am a junior handler who shows a rescued Collie, "Scrappy," in Junior Showmanship.  My New Year's resolution for 2010 is to get my 3rd first place win in the Novice Class.  I want to advance to the Open Class in Juniors this year.  I also want to begin competing in Obedience and Agility. I also have a resolution of becoming involved in my local breed club, Illiana Collie Fanciers.  I would like to become a member of this club in 2010.

from Joanne Casburn, Bardok Collies

As I get ready to participate as an exhibitor at our Canadian National Specialty in five weeks, I only hope to watch and learn from the judges about what they see as their ideal Collie. As an aspiring all-breed judge I love to watch the judging and marking my ideas down about each dog to look over later and compare with the judges picks that day. My pet peeve is movement, which I feel gives me an idea of the dogs structure before a hands on examination. I have been to specialties as an observer and noticed the trend in Collies seems to be head, coat and then movement. I hope to learn from watching the judging that the overall dog needs to be taken into consideration before overlooking a dog that may not have the best movement but excels in other attributes. I guess what I would like to see in the ring is a Collie that could go out in one day and herd a flock of sheep, babysit a bunch of children, strut their stuff in the ring and then go home and curl up on the couch. COLLIES CAN DO IT ALL!

from Alicia Moore, Moore Collies

I endeavor to be less frantic in my agility "commands." I endeavor to make everything I do with my Collies fun.  I endeavor to not be upset when a dog I truly believe is inferior to mine gets the nod.  I endeavor to continue to try to show the public how amazing this breed is.  I endeavor to breed a dog who is deserving of a specialty show win as well as a breed show win, and who is sound enough to herd, as was intended for this breed from the start.  I endeavor to help those in need in the Collie world, in whatever capacity I can.  I endeavor to continue to take my dogs out in public to show the average person how great our breed is, so folks who are scared off by the grooming requirements decide the breed is worth the effort.

from Theresa Brown, Matrix Collies

I have my first pup on the ground this year. So my goal is to improve both my training ability and my handling techniques. As he was a singleton, I have already learned so much that I would not have learned had the rest of the litter survived. 2009 was filled with many collie high's and lows . . . I am sure that 2010 will also be a great challenge that I look forward to . . .


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