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CH. Executive's The Equalizer
CH. Fury's The Spirit Of Legends
CH. Executive-N-Fury' Blue-N-Gold
CH. Vennessee Midnight Express
CH. Twin Creeks Grand Master
Vennessee's Etched In Blue
CH. Westwend's Headline In Blue
CH. Vennessee's Midnight Edition (sire)
CH. Vennessee's Vi-Lee's Venture
CH. Vennessee's Future Impact
Dawn's Top Contender
Vennessee's Rambling Rose
Rob-Mar's The General
CH. Vennessee's Gentry Dandy Doll
Vennessee's Krystal Lace
Vi-Lee's Lone Lombardo
CH. Vennessee's Vi-Lee's Venture
CH. Vennessee Sculptured In Blue
CH. Twin Creeks Grand Master
Vennessee's Etched In Blue
CH. Westwend's Headline In Blue
CH. Fantasy's Cover Girl (dam)
Can Ch Alfenloch Master Of The Game
CH. Alfenloch Masterpiece
Alfenloch Touched By Buster
CH. Fantasy's True To The Master
A/C Ch Tartanside Presentation
Fantasy Dreams Come True
Argyll Willy Nilly

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Comment on important kennel lines in the pedigree.
Brandon has a stellar pedigree. My foundation bitch,  Fantasy's Dreams Come True -- "Courtney", was a Ch. Tartanside Presentation daughter, out of a Ch. Bronson's Palary Genesis daughter.

Courtney was bred to Ch. Alfenloch Masterpiece, a double Presentation grandson, to produce Ch. Fantasy's True to the Master -- "Abby". Abby, in turn was bred to Ch. Vennessee's Sculptured in Blue, a total outcross. Ch. Fantasy's Cover Girl -- "Cuddles", was in the resulting litter.

Cuddles, being an outcross, was bred to Ch. Vennessee's Midnight Edition. Midnight Edition's sire, Midnight Express, was a half brother to Sculptured in Blue -- both having the same dam.

Brandon is a combination of a tightly linebred bitch of Alfenloch and Tartanside lines bred to a sire of Executive, Twin Oaks, and Twin Creeks lines, with a wonderfully small dose of Vi-Lee. Brandon's pedigree is unique in that his parents and grandparents are all ROM's. He is very dominant for the virtues and qualities in his pedigree.

What qualities and virtues have been contributed by key dogs in the stud’s pedigree? Comment on important breedings in the stud dog’s pedigree. Comment on successful outcrosses as represented in the stud’s pedigree.
My foundation bitch, Dreams Come True, was a nice bitch who excelled in expression, stop, skull and front-end assembly. The opportunity arose to breed her to Ch. Alfenloch Masterpiece. In doing so, I doubled up on beautiful expressions.True to the Master was  a medium-sized dark sable bitch who resembled the beautiful Tartanside- Hanover-type bitch. She possessed beautiful body balance, head and eye detail.

When it was time to breed Abby, I had just finished a young blue dog of Joyce Weinmann's, Ch. Vennesse Sculptured in Blue. He has a beautiful round muzzle, beautiful expression, even with two blue eyes. He also carries a huge coat, hairy, hairy legs and beautiful feet. There where three champions out of the four puppies born. There was only one bitch in the litter, a very precocious, bewitching red sable by the name of Ch. Fantasy's Cover Girl.

Cuddles was beautiful from her first breath. Her profile of head was always wonderful and she never went through an awkward stage. She inherited so many great qualities from her ancestors and was capable of passing them on. Cuddles is the dam of Ch. Fantasy's Mariner Anchorman -- BB '98 CCA., Ch. Fantasy's I'm Shameless -- BW CCA '97, and Ch. Fantasy's Bronze Talisman.

Brandon's sire, Ch. Vennessee's Midnight Edition was the product of a litter that contained multiple champions. In fact all through his pedigree there are combinations that produced multiple champions. For example, Ch. Tartanside Heir Apparent to Fairwind Fantasy and Midnight Express to Ramblin' Rose.