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Take one part design skills, one part artistic ability and one part love of our favorite breed, mix them all together and what do you get? The wonderful creations of Laura Weiss. Laura really wears many hats! She is a former self taught hat designer whose work has been featured in specialty stores throughout the San Francisco Bay Area as well as Portland, Oregon. As testament to her craftsmanship, she has worked as the personal hat designer for Whoopi Goldberg, the academy award winning actress and comedienne. 

Whoopi and Laura
Laura Weiss and Whoopi Goldberg:
the artist with her star client.

In 1994, Laura got her first show Collie and, having caught the show bug, established Castlebar Collies. Before long, she began turning her considerable artisic skills toward capturing the magnificence and beauty of the breed. Setting aside the hats, she taught herself to sculpt, using her own Collies as her models. Proof of both the  popularity and remarkable artistry in her work is illustrated by the fact that she has recently been commisioned to design the trophies for the 2002 Collie Club of America National Specialty Show.

The Creative Process
The sculptures of Laura Weiss depict Collies at work and at play, in a show pose and in repose. No molds are used, making each piece a one-of-a-kind collecters item. Hand sculpting and finishing ensures that each collie is an original and no two are ever alike. In addition, Laura incorporates many different styles and a broad range of colors to present the Collie with a captivating attention to detail.

Though much of her work revolves around Collies, Laura has also created unique pieces that highlight other breeds, among them Greyhounds, Corgis and Afghan Hounds. In addition to sculpture, Laura also is accomplished in watercolors, oil painting, pen and ink and pencil sketches and has had her work in these media exhibited in San Francisco.

Art On The Web
Laura Weiss has made the Internet an integral part of her artistic offerings. Her work and her Collies can be viewed at the web site for Castlebar Collies and individual pieces can be ordered directly from her via that site. In addition, Laura has built a strong Internet presence by selling her wares at the popular auction site E-bay, where there is a page devoted to her creations.

Laura Weiss doesn't leave her creative talents and artistic eye in the studio. In her short time breeding and exhibiting Collies she has had much success, capped off by winning the very competitive Open Tri-Color class at the recent Collie Club of America National Specialty in Wichita, Kansas, with her rough bitch Castlebar's Evening Star.

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