Saturday's Collie

COL is proud to offer a feature available to Collie Rescue Organizations across the country, free of charge, called Saturday's Collie. We will feature a collie from a 501c3 rescue with a photo or two and a bio describing the collie's story and personality. Contact us to reserve a space for your organization. We recognize that there are hundreds of deserving collies rescued yearly by dedicated groups who restore collies to health, revive their collie character, and match them with new homes.

Saturday's Collie ~ June 21, 2008

Meet Cami:
Hello, my name is Cami. Short for Camelot Star because I really do come from royalty. My Dad was a Champion. And I was a real showgirl in my youth too. But I hurt my hip at a
show and had to retire. My mom took great care of me until she got very sick and asked ColliesFlorida Rescue to find me a new forever home.

I am a very sweet, 8 year old, tri color, female collie. I am very loving and will give you my paw even if you don't ask for it!  I just want to be loved and I will love you back. I am great on walks, get along with everyone, other dogs, children, and I love cats. I’m housebroken and seldom bark. Because of my hip injury and slight dysplasia, I am on glucosamine sulfate twice daily for my bones but I am not in pain.  The only things I really don’t like are stairs and slippery floors. Wouldn’t you just LOVE to have me by your side?  

CFR will only accept applications for me to homes with carpet or non-skid floors and NO stairs!!


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Many avenues are available to assist collie rescue organizations near you or nationally through the Collie Rescue Foundation. Of course, monetary donations are always needed and appreciated to help pay for spay/neuter, worming, heartworm treatment and preventative, vaccinations, surgeries, and food. There are, however, many ways to assist rescue such as donating supplies, offering to foster, helping to transport, as well as offering services and expertise.

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The Collie presents an impressive, proud picture of true balance, each part being in harmonious proportion to every other part and to the whole.

– from the AKC Collie Breed Standard

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