2008 Summertime Puppy Classic

by Anne Cross

If you stood at the end of the driveway and took in the view, you'd see young magnolia trees leading
you down a gravel drive to green lawns with ribbon outlined trees set up for a match, white tent with
ruffled valance fluttering, baskets of ferns swaying in the breeze, exercise pens sheltering baby Collie puppies from two months up, lawn chairs in summer colors, white cloth-covered auction table with an array of Collie treasures, cars parked in a pasture like horses lined up at the starting gate, with the warm summer wind ruffling hair and Collie fur alike.

Photo by Darlene Jenkins
Faces of Collie friends from throughout the South gathered around their set ups, adding water and ice to buckets and pans for tongue lolling puppies who tumbled and tusseled with littermates and climbed up on pen sides for open arms to gather them up for hugs.

A hundred and sixty acres of beautiful Tennessee hill country was the setting for this celebration of the Collie puppy and that theme flowed through the day...

Photo by Darlene Jenkins

A hundred and sixty acres of beautiful Tennessee hill country was the setting for this celebration of the Collie puppy and that theme flowed through the day beginning with the match judged by Peggy Howard of Kelmar Collies who awarded Best Puppy In Match  to breeder-owner Trish Blakely's Larkspur Forget Me Not.

The "Classic" drew more than 40 participants from Alabama, Georgia, Missouri, Mississippi, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky and from as far away as California!  Rayleen Hendrix graciously presented an in-the-ring  "So, You Want to Show Your Dog" judge's eye view on expectations for making the most of your Collie's time in the ring -- what the judge wants to see!

Following a  S'uthern All-You-Can-Eat BarBQue feast, contented attendees gathered in Mike's bright and airy art studio to enjoy an excellent three-part seminar titled "Puppy Power" by Kathy Moll  on evaluation of puppies . . . temperment, training and structure, which ran so long with questions and comments that the Creek Walk for puppies was postponed. Later everyone was glued to several televisions for the Belmont Stakes followed by a collective disappointment when Big Brown did not become a Triple Crown winner.

Participants of the Summertime Puppy Classic listen intently as
Kathy Moll presents "Puppy Power." -- Photo by Darlene Jenkins

During the day, Anne Cross ran an impromptu and successful auction with proceeds to assist in continuing the Puppy Classic. Thoughts and suggestions from attendees were gathered to make next year's Summertime Puppy Classic another memorable one!  Do not miss it!

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The Summertime Puppy Classic thanks Collies Online for being a terrific supporter of the Summertime Puppy Classic.

The Collie presents an impressive, proud picture of true balance, each part being in harmonious proportion to every other part and to the whole.

– from the AKC Collie Breed Standard

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