By Anne Cross, Shadowmont

What on earth does this all mean? Maybe I should rearrange these . . . Grits and Grins.

Gossip and Sin. Gifts and Win. What do y'all think?

These are groups of CCA fanciers and lovers of our breed who collaborated to support our National with their hard-earned dollars sponsoring trophies!

Congratulations to all, and I hope you have had as much fun with this as we members of GRITS have! GRITS is Girls Raised In The South. We began with a group of ten good ol' S'uthern girls putting our money together to sponsor BOW Rough at the Oklahoma CCA in 2005.

Got ourselves some sparkly pins to wear and had a ton of fun talking about who and what we were and our purpose. Challenged others to follow our lead!

They did! This year, GRINS (Girls Raised in Northern States) and WIN (Women in Northeast), joined GRITS. That was Judie Dunkle and Sally Futh who nudged their friends to join up! Some smoothie folks called their group SIN (Smooths In Need) and joined our happy parade.

Guys not to be outdone, Tom Montero, founded GIFTS (Gentlemen Indisputably From The South) and shared their wealth too!

Okay, you say . . . wait a minute! What about GOSSIP? Well . . . that is Good Ol' Southern Sweeties In Performance . . . for those in GRITS who also do and/or support performance events. For CCA 2007 in Charlotte (we HAD to do more for our S'uthern CCA, don't you see?) we sponsored three different major performance awards (agility, herding, obedience, senior handler) and a few of us also sponsored individually. Dug deeper in our pockets! Being in a group actually HELPS your ability to also sponsor individually.

GRITS has grown to over 30 members, and I am told WIN has even more than that!

Wow! Just imagine what can happen NEXT year! You all have a whole year to do us one better, as we say in the good ol' South! I'd love to see those California Girls and Guys come up with their own group!

Hope more and more of you will accept GRITS' friendly challenge.

It's all about the dogs, isn't it? And, the hard working people who volunteer their time to honor them at our National. Please make their job less stressful by gladly supporting all facets of the show, and especially the trophies which are always so memorable.

GRITS will see y'all next year in Springfield!

The Collie presents an impressive, proud picture of true balance, each part being in harmonious proportion to every other part and to the whole.

– from the AKC Collie Breed Standard

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