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Midwest Collie Club

May 28, 2016
Judge: Janet Nahikian
Judge Change from Mary Benjamin
Hosted by Grand Rapids Kennel Club

Roughs: 6-7 (3-1)
Smooths: 3-0 (2-1) 1-1

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Rough Best of Variety
GCH Fantasy's Law Of Attraction (D)
Breeder: Debbie Holland and Jody Ostrowski-Greenberg
Owner: Lorrie Wessel
Sire: CH Fleur De Lis's Secret Weapon
Dam: Ch Fantasy's Key To My Heart
Rough Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Variety
GCH Alaric Hold My Heart (B)
Breeder: Patricia Caldwell, Allyson Caldwell, Gloria Zopf and Lindsay Reidt
Owner: Allyson Caldwell, Patricia Caldwell and Gloria Zopf
Sire: GCH Alaric Bound By The Heart
Dam: CH Lora-Lin's My Precious
Smooth Best of Winners / Winners Dog
Fantasy N West Point Broadway Bound (Open/Sable)
Breeder: Debbie Holland and Rosemarie Soellner
Owner: Lee Patten
Sire: CH Countryview Give My Regards
Dam: CH Fantasy Garden Party
Rough Select
CH Rainbow's Tokyo Jazz It Up (D)
Breeder: Mary Landes, Sandy Schwedler and Debbie Holland
Owner: Tokuko Watanaba
Sire: CH Fantasy's Finding Fame
Dam: CH Rainbows One Sassy Fantasy
Rough Winners Bitch
Diamante's Hooray For Hollywood (Open/Sable)
Breeder: Rebecca Myers
Owner: Johana Lance and Rebecca Myers
Sire: CH Overland Crimson Tide
Dam: GCH Diamante's Crown Jewels
Rough Reserve Winners Dog
Bannerstone Highcroft Vision (BBE)
Breeder: Brian and Sherry O'Brian-Stevens, Don and Leslie Jeszewski
Owner: Brian and Sherry O'Brian-Stevens, Don and Leslie Jeszewski
Sire: CH Bannerstone Rosepoint Envision
Dam: Highcroft Rockwood Shared Treasure
Rough Reserve Winners Bitch
Highcroft Summer Embrace (9-12)
Breeder: Don and Leslie Jeszewski
Owner: Don and Leslie Jeszewski and Margaret Nelson
Sire: GCH Susitna Royal Strider Of Tara Dells
Dam: CH Highcroft Seaspray
Smooth Best of Variety
GCH C and J Silver Charm of Chrysalis (B)
Breeder: Debra and Robert Waelde
Owner: Judy Walburn and Cheryl Thompson
Sire: CH C and J's White Tie and Tail
Dam: GCH Chrysalis Ginger Snaps
Smooth Best of Opposite Sex to Best of Variety
GCH Calibre's Key To The Fortune (D)
Breeder: Susan Kaelin and Michelle Shaw
Owner: Susan Kaelin
Sire: CH Fantasy's Fortune Hunter
Dam: CH Hollyoaks A Perfect Storm at Calibre
Smooth Winners Dog
Hollyoak's Reflection In Time (15-18)
Breeder: Lilah Williamson
Owner: Lilah Williamson
Sire: Hollyoak's Into Th' Night
Dam: Ch Hollyoak's Classic Reflection
Smooth Select
CH Lisara's Unbridled Spirit (Vet/D)
Breeder: Carmen and Lawrence Leonard
Owner: Beth Nemoff
Sire: CH Lisara's Blues Buster II
Dam: CH Lisara's Along Came a Spider
Smooth Reserve Winners Dog
Epiphany's Keysown Stormborn Castle CD BN RE CA CGCA (Novice)
Breeder: Carolyn Taylor
Owner: Leslie Keys
Sire: CH Afterhours Rocks The House
Dam: Afterhours Queen In The Castle CGC
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