collie club of america -- Election 2007

Ed Degner -- Candidate for the office of
Director At Large
Ed and his wife Shelly have been showing Collies since 1982 under the name Canyon Collies. Shelly grew up with a tri color and after they were married in 1975 they bought a sable from a breeder. A few years later Shelly saw an ad in the paper -- Collie Free to Good Home, must retain show rights. That started it all and they have been hooked ever since.

Their two daughters, Season and Chelsea, have exhibited in conformation and Juniors. Season is married now and Ed and Shelly have two grandchildren. Chelsea, the #2 Junior Handler in Collies, continues to show and has ranked her smooth, BISS CH Canyon's Society Kiss Me Kate, AOM, in the top five this year.

The Degners are members of the San Gabriel Valley Collie Club for which Ed is the President, South Bay Collie Fanciers (Past President) and the California Collie Clan. He served Southern California as its District Director for 10 years. He has had the pleasure of being Facilities Show Chairman for the National in 2002 and a member of the Ethics Revision Committee.

Currently Ed is the Show Chair for the 2010 National and the CCA Director at Large, elected by the Board of Directors to fulfill the term vacated by the late John Honig.

What are the most important issues facing the parent club and its members in the next administrative term and what character qualities do you bring to the job that you have learned or developed while working on other CCA projects or from other areas of your life, inside or outside of the dog community, that will be needed to produce solutions? Please
be specific.

The most important issues facing the Collie Club of America today are rescue and anti-dog legislation.  There have been several large rescue situations that involved Collies over the past few years and each one is heartbreaking. Although we all probably feel more Collies equal more love, people need to realize that the days of the big kennels are gone. One should not keep more dogs than they can physically and economically take care of. The Collies deserve a good life, as they give us everything we ask of them.

Legislators need to be aware that we are not the problem that they profess breeders to be.  Most of the statistics of euthanasia and strays are slanted. Dogs and cats are being imported/exported from one animal control to another for profit. Most of the dogs euthanized are owner turn-ins of older or sickly dogs. The public needs to be educated about their responsibilities as an animal owner. They can't take the good times from their pets and turn their backs when their pet needs them.

Another area of importance today is the future of our breed -- Junior Showmanship. I see more and more kids each year exhibiting Collies in Juniors. They are realizing that Collies are willing to give their all to satisfy their owners and it shows in the ring. Our daughter Chelsea has made many friends in Juniors and has helped them to excel with their dogs. If we all could follow their examples we would be able to communicate with one another on a more friendly basis.

I've been the owner of a Home Improvement business (Garage Doors) for the past 25 years and know how to work well with people. I bring a calm, sensible approach to each problem the CCA has encountered over the past 10 years, whether it be rescue, membership, legislation, or general disagreements.

The CCA is one of the oldest and one of the largest AKC member clubs and I wish to keep us at the forefront of protecting the Collie and the sport of purebred dogs that we all love.

I ask for your vote and hope to serve YOU -- the Collie Club of America, well.

The Collie presents an impressive, proud picture of true balance, each part being in harmonious proportion to every other part and to the whole.

– from the AKC Collie Breed Standard

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