Sharon Baubles, Caerleon Collies

Sharon Baubles passed away on October 14, 2007 at a hospice near her
parent's home in Danville, PA.  after a brief illness. Tessa, one of her
favorite dogs, was allowed to be with her for her last few days.

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Sharon's first Elsinore Collie was purchased in 1994. That dog was her CH.
Charlemagne. She purchased him as a pet and a companion for her dog
Lochinvar who was aging. As soon as Charlemagne grew up,  she was in the
show ring for the first time, with obvious success  She met many people at
ringside with whom she developed deep and lasting relationships.  Over the
years she received several  dogs from the Elsinore bloodlines and was
successful with them in a variety of venues.

Sharon was a true dog-lover, and a great friend.  She did not always agree
on popular interpretations of the Collie standard, but her collie
activities were always well thought out and never a spur of the moment
decision to go with the dog "of the moment."

Sharon touched many people in both the CCA and AWCA, and she will truly be
missed.  Being a giving person, she spent many hours on the phone discussing
training issues and pedigrees with those just getting started and
established breeders alike.  While her home was small and the space for dogs
limited, she shared that space with her much-loved dogs as they were her
family.  She enjoyed the breed ring and had several AKC champions to her
credit from both the Elsinore and Pennylane bloodlines, but her true
enjoyment was in Obedience, Agility, and Herding.  Sharon was very proud of
every title her dogs earned and she was so excited with her first-place
class win with her blue smooth girl at the 2006 CCA National.  The most
accomplished dog from her breeding is VCH CH Caerleon's Crouching Tiger,
CDX, RN, AX, MXJ, HIC, TDI.  Tiger has his versatility championship with
the American Working Collie Association (AWCA).

At the Gathering At Sunnybank in 2005, Sharon enjoyed much success at the
Virtues Match.  Her champion male won Best Side Movement and
one of his puppies was runner-up for Best Side Movement.  Yet another of her
puppies won Best Front and was runner-up for Best Rear. These were the only
classes Sharon entered. She was an encouraging and supportive breeder to
those who carried on with her puppies.

Sunnybank 2005, Sharon with Ch Caerleon's
Prince Of Pennylane "Caspian" the winner of
Best Side Gait Class
(Photo by Steve Miertz)

Sunnybank 2005, Sharon with Stella the
Winner of Best Front
(Photo by Steve Miertz)

Sharon was a National Merit Scholar in High School and had a B.S. in
Biochemistry. She had also passed her boards to become nationally certified
as a Pharmacy Technician. For many years Sharon was a dedicated Librarian
for the AWCA Library, which lends books, videos and audio tapes to members.
Years ago, she founded the AWCA's Merlin Fund, in memory of her beloved dog
Merlin.  It was a special fund, apart from the Collie Rescue fund.  It is
meant to help with owned collies -- that is, collies purchased or bred by
the owner, not those who have come through rescue, whose medical expenses
are beyond the owner's ability to pay.  Later as others wanted to honor
their own dogs through this fund, the name became the AWCA Compassionate
Care Fund.  Sharon wanted owners not to have to euthanize or give up their
dogs because they couldn't afford veterinary treatment.  That was typical of
Sharon's thoughtfulness and creativity, and has resulted in saving the lives
of many loved collies.   Her passing leaves a very big void in our lives.

Peggy Melton, Barb Stott, Donna Darland and Karen Tewart

The Collie presents an impressive, proud picture of true balance, each part being in harmonious proportion to every other part and to the whole.

– from the AKC Collie Breed Standard

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