collie club of america -- Election 2007

Gayle Kaye -- Candidate for the office
of First Vice President
Gayle Kaye joined the CCA in 1969 and has been breeding Collies using the “Chelsea” prefix. As a breeder/owner/handler, she is currently working on her 11th generation, and has produced many specialty winning champions in a small and limited breeding program. Not only is Gayle the author of the award winning book, "A Century of Collies," but her thought provoking and well researched articles have appeared in all-breed and Collie publications.  These contributions have afforded her extensive experience with computers and software programs.

Currently serving as 1st Vice President, Gayle has worked for the club in several different capacities. She initiated and developed the Register of Merit system; is the current Chair of Ethics and Archives; and is a past and/or current member of CCA Written-Revisions, Internet, Ethics Revision and others.  Her skills in writing, editing and publishing assisted her as: co-editor of the Steve Field "Parader" Book; editor of the 1994 and 1995 CCA Yearbooks; the Gazette Columnist (12 years); editor of Volume 4 of the “Library of Champions”; and past editor/coeditor of the Collie Club of America Bulletin.

An AKC judge, she currently lives in Southern California with several generations of Collies and her husband Don.

What are the most important issues facing the parent club and its members in the next administrative term and what character qualities do you bring to the job that you have learned or developed while working on other CCA projects or from other areas of your life, inside or outside of the dog community, that will be needed to produce solutions? Please
be specific.

Currently there are several troubling issues facing the membership: anti-breeding laws all across the country that threaten the very existence of our sport; multiple Collie rescues; Ethics issues; health issues and many others.  All these matters are of great concern to me and it's obvious we have much work to do. We need to take action now to make sure both our club and the Collie are safe for future generations.

As a current active breeder, I hate seeing the word "breeder" tossed around like it's something negative! In a time when a breeder's rights are in serious jeopardy, we need to preserve our right to breed dogs so we can be assured that the Collie breed will be alive and well 100 years from now!   In the last several years, the Collie breed has witnessed much negative publicity as a result of several large Collie rescues. Why are so many Collies ending up in the hands of collectors/hoarders who do not take care of them? We need to learn from these rescues and hopefully prevent future situations involving the breed we love. Thanks to today’s wonderful technology, more and more health screening is available and I find it exciting as a breeder, to have access to many tests we only dreamed about years ago.  I would like to see the club join "CHIC".  Currently CHIC has a membership of 83 breeds, but we are amongst the 74 breeds that are not yet a member. I would like to see this change!

Our volunteers are what helps this club run smoothly and I think it is extremely important to treat all of them with deep gratitude and respect.  Having been on both ends of this spectrum, I cringe when I see our volunteers treated discourteously or rudely. Instead, try thanking them or offering help.  By being overly critical or rude, there’s no quicker way to lose a good volunteer!

I think it is imperative that we work together as a group to deal with the problems we face.  When differing factions and agendas emerge, it can impact negatively on the club, making it difficult to do business.  I truly believe it’s important to put personal differences aside and work together for the welfare of the club and the Collie.

My experience of working on different committees within the club and having worked successfully with the other officers for the past several years, has afforded me the opportunity to grasp a wide range of knowledge of all facets of our club. Working on various committees has given me a sense of open mindedness that I think is important for problem solving and goal setting.  I have always tried to approach these tasks with a sense of honesty, integrity and fairness. I have never felt my way was the only way and I feel it’s important to listen to all members regarding their ideas, problems, and concerns.

The Collie presents an impressive, proud picture of true balance, each part being in harmonious proportion to every other part and to the whole.

– from the AKC Collie Breed Standard

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