collie club of america -- Election 2007

Pati Merrill -- Candidate for the office of 2nd Vice President
Pati Merrill is the outgoing President of the CCA (2004- present).

Grant, her husband is the auctioneer for the wonderful Collie Health Foundation auctions at the national. They have 3 kids, 9 grand kids and 5 collies (and a poodle-inherited from her Mom).

Pati cares about the Collie -- all collies and is passionate that we protect the Collie and embrace all the different talents of our wonderful breed.

What are the most important issues facing the parent club and its members in the next administrative term and what character qualities do you bring to the job that you have learned or developed while working on other CCA projects or from other areas of your life, inside or outside of the dog community, that will be needed to produce solutions? Please
be specific.

What we face in the future
Anti-dog legislation is threatening to stop many, if not all of us. We all have to be proactive in our own area and rally when it hits other areas. Tragic and notable Collie rescues have hurt our Collies, and the reputation of the Collie Club of America. I didn’t sell dogs to any of these people but it is still my problem as we don’t want shame on the good name of the Collie. More specifically we don’t want Collies to be kept by people who cannot or will not be responsible. The Collie suffers. Health is an issue and by working together we can make great strides at treatment, cure, and prevention. Some DNA markers for our problems have become available and there are more on the horizon.

The CCA has a large Board of 61 -- 53 are elected by their individual District. Many are in contact with their districts every month and successfully share the information of and about the CCA. Many others have no contact, limited contact or information is filtered only if the member agrees to certain terms set by the DD, not the CCA.

You can’t feel the pulse of the membership if they are not informed.

This is a club of members, and our members have always wanted to be aware of the plans before there is a solution. Personal preferences should not stop DD’s from sharing information with their districts. When there is a call for help, whether it is to oppose AB 1634, to help fellow members after Katrina or help rescues help our lost collies – members step up – not for me or for you  – for the Collie.

Contrary to the Internet rap – it does not boil up or down to the President. The President’s vote does not count unless there is a tie. It will take all of us working together to make things work.

Volunteers are hard to come by and I would urge that we help them when possible and our comments should be comments, not criticism.

Image and PR
The Collie is a gentle multi-talented breed and it is vital that we support and portray the Collie in all arenas. The world doesn’t see or understand when it is said we breed for champions (only). Our image needs a full halo -- they herd, they are assistance dogs, they are therapy dogs, etc., -- wow are they impressive. I have a collie cart – all of my neighbors are more impressed with that than the fact I judged the National. Think on it, there are 2,200-plus of us and millions of them. We need to start thinking of how they perceive us and shuck off this limited and misunderstood image we have bounced at them.  

I am a candidate for the Office of 2nd VP. If elected, I will work positively for the club. My main goal is the Collie. It always has been.

The Collie presents an impressive, proud picture of true balance, each part being in harmonious proportion to every other part and to the whole.

– from the AKC Collie Breed Standard

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