Emily Berkley, Candidate for Kansas DD

My name is Emily Berkley and I am currently the DD for the state of Kansas and am up for re-election.

First and most important, let me state that never in my time as DD have I missed a vote on a CCA Communique. In addition, each time a Communique is released I send it out as quickly as possible and always willingly answer questions or find further information for any member. Also, as I have said from the beginning, my vote represents you, the KS members, not my own position on any subject. I always vote as the majority of you direct me to do, regardless of my own thoughts.

Second, I think it is important to have a solid record of varied activities with Collies if one is to best represent all CCA members in a district. Where that is concerned I can tell you that I:

1)  Owned, trained and titled a dog in Obedience (AKC).
2)  Owned, trained, certified and worked with a dog in an animal assisted therapy program (CGC and TDI).
3)  Have bred, owned and shown multiple dogs to championships (AKC).
4)  Am a member or supporter of the following:

  • Collie Club Of America (current DD)
  • Kansas City Collie Club (multi-term past President; past and current Public Education Co-ordinator; current Board of Directors member)
  • Collie Health Foundation
  • Collie Rescue Foundation
  • Collie Rescue of Southeast Pennsylvania
  • Houston Collie Rescue

Third, the Collie Club of America is an international organization with a sizeable budget. Bringing to the job of DD similar volunteer experience from other groups is therefore of value. I can do that as I am a:

  • Past board member and board officer of The Johnson County Museum
  • Current Community Advisory Board Member of  Harvester's (Kansas City's largest foodbank)

Fourth, while serving as your District Director I have:

  • Served as chairman of the CCA Tax Set Aside Committee
  • Sponsored legislation including:
    • that which established an ethics committee
    • that which required a seat on Show Rules go to a person with performance background
    • that which created the CCA Shining Star Award

Finally, while my breed of choice and first love is the Collie, I am also a  member or supporter of other organizations which are not breed specific and enhance my ability to help the CCA by broadening my canine horizons. At this time I am a member or supporter of:

  • The Dog Writers Association of America
  • The American Kennel Club Museum of the Dog
  • Pets For Life, Inc. (Kansas City's most significant animal assisted therapy program)

I hope that what you have read above has convinced you that I am the right person to represent Kansas on the CCA's Board of Directors and that you will re-elect me as DD.

All the best,

The Collie presents an impressive, proud picture of true balance, each part being in harmonious proportion to every other part and to the whole.

– from the AKC Collie Breed Standard

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