Martha Ramer, Candidate for Second Vice President

The Collie Club of America is at a major milestone in its history. We are rapidly approaching the 125th anniversary of the formation of the AKC's oldest member parent club. Collie lovers far and wide will gather for this momentous occasion in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 2011. I hope many of you will join us as we celebrate our wonderful breed.

During the course of the current administration, it has become very clear several topics require special attention. The Constitution is in need of review and a revision so that its interpretation does not continue to be questioned or debated. The change of the Breed Standard to include the sable merle demands resolution and here is what I propose:

While personally, I do not feel the Standard needs to be changed, it's more important to me that the membership be heard. The membership, overwhelmingly, has spoken and believes the sable merle should be included in the Standard. In an effort to avoid any further confusion, it would be my suggestion that the materials compiled by the Standard Review Committee (DVD and booklet) be mailed, at the CCA's expense (this is CCA work product and each and every member is entitled to it), to every household, along with a letter of explanation and a ballot for each CCA member. This process would wipe the slate clean and a fresh, legal and binding ballot would be obtained from the entire, educated membership. Should this proposal not be accepted by the Board, I would propose the appointment of the three-person committee to develop the proposed language regarding the sable merle to be incorporated into the Standard. Once this committee has completed its assigned task, a mailing to the membership would indicate the approval or denial of the proposed change to the Standard. Regardless of the outcome, the CCA needs to bring this issue to a close in a timely fashion.

I've been a member of the CCA for 30 years; however, I've actually been involved in CCA events for 38 years. I've served the club four (4) times as National Show Chair twice as chair and twice as co-chair. I've worked on the Breeders' Education Committee, was District Director for 6 years, and for the past 15 years, have served as co-editor of the CCA Calendar. I'm concerned about the direction the CCA is taking. I hope you'll support me in the office of Second Vice President. Your voice is important . . . and, you deserve to be heard. Please do not hesitate to contact me so we can talk about the issues.

I hope you all will join me in California next March for "Hooray for Hollywood.". We promise you will have a fabulous time in our one-stop venue. We have lots of surprises planned for all!

Martha Ramer

The Collie presents an impressive, proud picture of true balance, each part being in harmonious proportion to every other part and to the whole.

– from the AKC Collie Breed Standard

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