Sylvie Lingenfelter, Candidate for President

Greetings CCA Members,

It is an honor to announce my candidacy for the office of President of the Collie Club of America and I am asking for your vote. I have been devoted to the Collie nearly all my life and a member of the CCA for over 35 years.  Through the years my personal enthusiasm for the Collie has led me to chair various committees such as:

  • CCA National Host Chair - 1995, 2005, 2011
  • CCA National Show Chair - Currently
  • CCA Vendor Chair 2000, '02,'05-'07,'10
  • Every executive office in the Central Oklahoma CC since joining in 1976
Since 1973 I have experienced all stages of a Collie fancier from whelping litters, exhibiting dogs and club involvement.  Unlike my opponent, Mr. Myers, I have not finished 100 champions, but I have bred numerous Champions and CCA National winners in both coats and "various" colors under the prefix of Glenorka.  As an AKC judge my selections are always based on quality, not on color. I am now seeking a greater responsibility with a vision or ideas about the direction for CCA over the next couple years.  I am hopeful my vision for CCA will resolve many crucial issues that I feel are important to you, the members. I would like to share a few of my ideas with you . . .
  •  I feel the rights of members are first and foremost.  The CCA must operate within the parameters of its Constitution and bylaws in order to be fair to all members, regardless of issues.   As President  I will remain fair, knowing the love of the Collie and the will of the members is what drives the club.
  •   The Bulletin is very important to our members and as President I would be committed to preserving it.  I feel we need to revamp it to fit the times.  Past "theme" issues have proven to generate support.  Asking volunteers from various regions to assist the editor in gathering ads, articles and tributes would boost the Bulletin and benefit members.  The Bulletin is the glue that has united our members young and old for decades.  It is a part of our CCA legacy. 
  •  Education, education, education.  Back to the basics!  As your next President I would promote education on various levels with emphasis on teaching the fundamentals of the Collie Standard. The Standard speaks volumes.  The CCA must be its voice.  Education to promote responsible breeding and raise awareness of Collie Rescue are naturally of equal importance. 
  •  I promise civility, transparency, communication and respect regarding all viewpoints regardless of the community from which they come, including conformation, herding, rescue and performance.  My vision also includes recharging the batteries of members who are willing to work for the CCA.   
  •  With National Show Hosting experience under my belt and a good understanding of profit and loss, as President I would ask the Board of Directors to address using a percentage of show profits and grants to be used to benefit exhibitors and attendees of future National shows, as in lower fees or amenities. 
  •   As President of the CCA I promise to work with you against forces that would keep us from enjoying the sport of dogs.  Anti-dog legislation is a constant struggle.  We must come together to defeat individuals who would take away our right to breed and exhibit dogs.  Recently I joined the campaign to defeat dog legislation in Oklahoma.  We were fortunate this time, but will, no doubt, face off with our adversaries again in the future. 

Circumstances change, but our passion for the Collie stays the same. I ask you for your trust and your vote, for President of the CCA.

Sylvie Lingenfelter

The Collie presents an impressive, proud picture of true balance, each part being in harmonious proportion to every other part and to the whole.

– from the AKC Collie Breed Standard

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