Saturday's Collie

Misty and Smokey, a mother and son team have been adopted!

Saturday's Collies ~ October 11, 2008

Smokey (a.k.a. Smokestack, Smokey Joe, Smokey the Bear) and his mom Misty (a.k.a. Misty Mountain, Mis-Demeanor, Miss Congeniality) are still looking for a forever home. These two sweet collies have had some ups and downs since coming into Pueblo Collie/Sheltie Rescue of Colorado, but they have maintained their gentleness and sweetness. Smokey and Misty can be placed together in the same home, or separately in the right homes. 

Hi, my name is Misty.  I am a 9-year-old, sable collie --
but make no mistake, I am no senior! I love to play, go
for walks, ride in cars and just be a TV-watching buddy
with you.  I am a puppy at heart.  I had a hard life before coming to Pueblo Collie/Sheltie Rescue. In fact, when
they got me my fur was very matted that they had
to shave me.  But my coat is coming back in now, and I
am loving life. My hair will grow alot longer than what is pictured here. I am house-trained, get along with most
dogs (but not big, alpha ones), am great with cats, and
love children.  I do not like stairs - they scare me.  My son Smokey, who is 7, is my best friend.  We can be placed together or separately, as I am a happy girl as long as I have someone who loves me.  For more information,
go to

Hi, my name is Smokey.  I am a 7-year-old, male, tri-
color collie.  I am a big 'ol Teddy bear and gentle giant. 
I like to go for walks and car rides, love to play and am
good with nice dogs, cats and children.  I had a hard life
before Pueblo Collie/Sheltie Rescue got me.  My coat
was very matted that I had to be shaved down
to the skin, but my coat is looking good now. As you can see here, it has not all grown back.   I also have
had to spend some time at the vet, but am doing just
great now.  People tell me that I am the gentlest, most
patient dog they have ever met.  I say, "Thanks" and
"Adopt me, please!"  My mom Misty needs a home too. 

For more information, go to

Pueblo Collie/Sheltie Rescue of Colorado
Director: Hope Hemperly
Phone: 719-547-4008

COL is proud to offer a feature available to Collie Rescue Organizations across the country, free of charge, called Saturday's Collie. We will feature a collie from a 501c3 rescue with a photo or two and a bio describing the collie's story and personality. Contact us to reserve a space for your organization. We recognize that there are hundreds of deserving collies rescued yearly by dedicated groups who restore collies to health, revive their collie character, and match them with new homes.

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The Collie presents an impressive, proud picture of true balance, each part being in harmonious proportion to every other part and to the whole.

– from the AKC Collie Breed Standard

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