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CH Vennessee's Midnight Express ROM
CH Capella's Midnight Blues ROM
CH Lisara's Slick Chick ROM
CH Glory N Aamar's Midnight Echo HC
CH Aamar's Overcast Skyz CD,HC
Aamar-Braeton's Midnite Skyz
Briarwood's Piece Of A Dream HC

CH Aamar N Harrow's Blaze O'Glory (Sire)

CH Twin Acres Dark And Dashing ROM
CH Ka-Ze's Tangled Up In Blue ROM
CH Charis's Ka-Ze's All That Glitters
Bolero-Tsunami Sapphier HC
CH Vennessee's Sculptured In Blue ROM
CH Chatham's Sparkling Highlights
Vennessee N Chathams Busybody
CH Aamar's Overcast Skyz CD,HC
BISS CH Aamar's Piece Of Th' Action HT, CD,PT,VA,CGC,HC,VC
Briarwood's Piece Of a Dream HC
CH Aamar's Mar Jo Gambolier HC
Fantasy's Fire Power
Starland's Shades Of Amber
Mar-Jo's Evening Shade
Aamar's Rain'NBows RN,HC (Dam)
CH Executive's Ride The High Wind ROM
CH Aamar's Overcast Skyz CD,HC
CH Aamar Braeton Midnite D'Lite UD,HT,VA,HC,CGC,TDI,VC
Aamar's Blue On Blue
CH Asil Ride On A Rainbow
Aamar Braeton Rain'N Bows CD,HC,CGC,TDI
CH Two Jay's Tribute To Medea CD

Whelped 1/15/07 :: Smooths and Roughs

Harrow Place Collies
April Clark