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CH Carousel's The Fire Within
CH Carousel's Quest For Fire HC, TT
Apple Valley Apricot Brandy
Palary Drum Dance
CH Palary Back To The Future
Palary Pepper Minx
Palary Cayenne Kate

CH Palary Black Denim (Sire)

CH Twin Acre's Deliverance, ROM
CH Apple Valley Pembroke Encore
Highcroft Apple Valley Fancy
Palary Black Pansy
CH Palary Collector's Item
Palary Preferred Niece
Palary Nor'Loch Nauti Gal
CH Twin City Secret Ambition
CH Barksdale Beneficiary, ROM
CH Barksdale Shenstone Sympatico
CH Lisara's Ted E. Bare
CH Lisara's Hair Unapparent, ROM
CH Lisara's Hairless Heiress
CH Lisara's Stellar Khameleon
CH Lynmar's Striptease (Dam)
CH Lisara's Kodachrome, ROM
CH Lisara's Hair Unapparent, ROM
CH Lisara's Music Of The Night
CH Lynmar's Blue Lily, ROM
CH Signet's Et Tu Brutus
CH Lynmar's Nite Lace
CH Signet's Nightcourt

Moosebrook Collies
Nancy Hehre
Canaan, New Hampshire

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