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Performance Week 2015

Saturday, September 26, 2015
We are thrilled to share with you five articles, including a collection of incredible videos, about Collie lovers and their dogs participating in a wide range of events. We hope that you will be as impressed and inspired as we are with the amazing things people are doing with this wonderful breed.

> Rescue Remedy -- Stories of rescue and performance with owner Bobby Chastain
> CollieFlix -- A collection of Collie performance videos that will knock your socks off!
> The Nose Knows -- A Collies Online interview with Marilyn Clayton
> Results -- from the 2015 Collie Club of America Herding Regionals
> Treibball Temptation -- A New game you can "Trei" with your collie

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Performance Week 2014

Saturday, August 30, 2014
A Day In The Life . . .

> A day in the life of an agility trial by Alicia Moore
> A day in the life of Claire Apple by Kathy Moll
> The Walkabout Dogs by Leslie Rappaport
> A spectacular day in the life - A COL Interview
> Central Penn Collie Club Herding Clinic and Instinct Test

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Performance Week 2013

August 31, 2013

Some may call it personality. We think it might be more apt to call it "Doganality." Whatever you call it, it all just comes down to great temperament and how important that trait is in any venue that you plan to participate.

> The hardest To-Get Virtue by Kathy Moll

> Seeking the character of a performance dog for the Conformation ring by Theresa Marquardt

> Colliesonline Interview -- Doganality Part 1

> Colliesonline Interview -- Doganality Part 2

> Colliesonline Interview -- Doganality Part 3

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Performance Week 2012

September 8, 2012
COL interview with Michelle Shoemaker, Barbara Corriveau, Jolene McCuaig, Noreen Bennett, Judy Belluomini, Erin Gorney, Marilyn Clayton and Carol Lariviere:

> Question 1 – How does this year fit it in with your journey in performance?
> Question 2 – In relation to your current program of activities, which came first: your love of a particular performance venue or a dog who exhibited specific traits or behaviors for a given activity? Please tell
us the details.
> Question 3 – What makes your favorite performance activity your favorite?
> Question 4 – Which is more challenging: the mental aspects of a given event in which you participate or the physical aspects. Talk about these challenges for trainer, handler and dog for the activities in which you take part.
> Question 5 – If you could change one thing about your favorite performance activity what would that change be?
> Question 6 – Do you have any strategies to prevent physical injuries to you and your dog? How do you prepare for the mental and emotional challenges that are part of training and competition?
> Question 7 – How do you define success in your performance activity? What is the one thing that every successful performance person must do to guarantee success?
> Question 8 – Do you compete at the National Specialty in any performance events? If so, how does competing at the National Specialty compare to other venues.
> Question 9 – Are there any performance events for which you think more Collies should be participating? If so, what are the keys to attracting more participants to that activity?
> Question 10 – How easy or how hard is it to affect the balance between the inborn talent and the trained inability of a dog. If the balance were going to skew distinctly one way or the other, which would you prefer? Why?
> Question 11 – Is your dog more comedian or more super hero? Which television character or comic book hero does your dog most remind you of? Is there an anecdote you can share that nails the comparison?

> Love the one you're with by Michele Brane

> On the right track by Sylvia Schultz

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Performance Week 2011

August 27, 2011
Collies can do it all!
Collies Online is proud to present this collection of articles celebrating the breed's versatility. These writers share their success stories and insights about the challenges of being multi-talented. Read through them all and you will believe -- Collies can do it all!

> Breed Champions Emerge into Performance World by Judy Belluomini

> Doing it all with all that you can by Michele Brane

> Collies can do it all! by Babbi Dilbeck, DVM

> The Versatile Collie by Deanna Levenhagen

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Performance Week 2010

August 21, 2010
Pawsatively A Passion!
We share with you a "Diary on Carting" from Anne Lively of Gloaming Wood Collies in Maine and the latest on the developments of a CCA Carting program from Marilyn Clayton of British Columbia. We also have a tracking article called "What's the A-Track-tion" from Suzannne Schwab of Washington. Read our interviews on attaining the MACH (Masters Agility Championship), The OTCH (Obedience Trial Championship) and the HC (Herding Champion). These titles are the "PhDs" of their venues. We had to look far and wide but we finally found the owner of an OTCH Collie in Hawaii. Christine Oneoye explains how she attained the rare and coveted OTCH a few years ago with her Collie. From Hawaii to New Hampshire and Massachusetts, we also have an interview with Melanie Collins of Ryder Collies, who shares her unique journey on the way to the MACH and Christine Carilli covers her adventures attaining the HC on not one, but two of her Collies -- a father/son team. And lastly, don't miss any of the talented Collies featured in the ads for this week. This is "Pawsatively A Passion" for all.

> DOG Carting: an event for all seasons by Anne Lively

> Developing a carting program for CCA by Marilyn Clayton

> What's the a-Track-tion by Suzanne Schwab

> Watch your stock! by Christine Carilli

> One jump at a time by Melanie Collins

> Diamond in the rough by Christine Inouye

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Performance Week 2009

August 22, 2009
Overcoming The Obstacles!
We understand that competing in performance events can take years of dedication and anything worth doing will eventually present its challenges.

> Do-It-Yourself Agility Equipment by Joan Scialdone

> Camille And The Goats by Linda Rorem

> Interview Q&A -- In pursuit of a recent goal or title, what was an obstacle that you overcame? Describe the process.

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Performance Week 2008

August 23, 2008
Sharing The Inspiration
We hope you are inspired by the articles and wisdom shared in this special week on Collies Online. We share with you wonderful articles from Kris Thober on how to get started in performance, the making of a performance collie with Kathy Moll of Deep River Collies and, in-depth interviews with eight top trainers from around the country that currently compete in performance venues.

> Performance Article: Making A Performance Collie -- Part 1 - Structure, Performance and the Collie Standard by Kathy Moll
> Performance Article: Interviews with Top Performance Trainers by Collies Online
> Performance Article: Ready or Not -- by Kris Thober

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Performance Week 2007

August 25, 2007
The first Performance Week

> Performance Feature: Alphabet Soup by Becky Henson
> Performance Feature: CCA Versatility Awards by Becky Henson
> Performance Feature : Confidence and Control by Kristin Thober
> Performance Feature : A Guide To The Titles
> Performance Feature: In the Spotlight

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