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Ch. Ka-Zes Tangled Up In Blue

Ch. Ka-Zes Tangled Up In Blue
Ch. Ka-Zes Tangled Up In Blue

What qualities distinguish your stud dog, including conformation attributes, temperament, show career, etc.?
Dylan was one of those puppies that stole our heart and soul from the moment he was born. He is the happiest puppy we have ever bred, and if you have ever met him, you know the love he has for people. We believe his philosophy is that all people were put on this earth to "love" him, and him alone! His show career speaks for itself. He finished at nine months with five majors, garnered several Specialty BOB, and at under two years of age, was awarded BOS to BOB at the 2000 National. His overall balance, outline and stunning color, draw your attention in the show ring. These attributes are a complement to his beautiful, long, lean, clean head. He has a beautiful, correct, flat backskull, excellent underjaw and finish, with no depth of head, a correctly placed stop, and beautiful almond shaped eyes that add to a melting expression. Add to all this, graceful movement and we couldn't ask for more in a stud dog.

What should bitch owners know about your stud? i.e. eye check, pure for sable, etc.
Along with Dylan's beautiful head detail, he is producing his stunning silvery color in his get. Many people have asked us if we can "bottle" his color.

Comment on anything else that you would like people to know about your stud, his breeding and his get.
We were so thrilled with the CCA National this year. To have four out of seven of Dylan's get (that were there) place in the classes, was far more than we dreamed of! But then to have "dad" follow up with BOS to BOB -- well, we believe his qualities and virtues speak for themselves.

Please summarize in a paragraph or two your breeding philosophy and how your stud dog fits into that philosophy.
We believe that health and temperament are first and foremost in breeding. You must have an all-around good-natured dog with an outgoing personality, whether you show in conformation, obedience, agility, herding or place a puppy in a companion home. Without this, there is no starting point.

We believe that you must start with the virtues and qualities that appeal to you, and then work on accenting those virtues in your breedings. In starting out in Collies, we found out the hard way that it is very difficult to take a mediocre bitch to a quality laden stud and expect to get everything that stud has to offer. A stud dog cannot work miracles!

We have been very successful in our breeding program in the last few years, and we will continue to strive to keep what we have in Dylan. He is producing those virtues and qualities that appeal to us, and our goal is to -- someday -- not only have a dog known as Ka-Zes, but a collie "line" known as Ka-Zes.


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