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Ch. kanebriar Clockwise

Ch. Kanebriar Clockwise
Ch. Kanebriar Clockwise

What qualities distinguish your stud dog, including conformation attributes, temperament, show career, etc.?
Hogan has a head of good length that is lean and smooth, with a flat, detailed backskull, a full, round muzzle, good stop, and a clean-cut profile. His dark eyes are correctly shaped and properly placed and his natural ears are well set, giving the desired, sweet and intelligent, expression. He has a well-balanced body of good bone and substance, with proper angulation -- front and rear -- and sound movement. He carries a profuse coat of correct texture. He has a very steady temperament and a great sense of humor. Hogan has been consistent in passing his own virtues on to his get.

What should bitch owners know about your stud? i.e. eye check, pure for sable, etc.
Hogan is a tri-factored, mahogany sable. His eye check is mild Choroidal Hypoplasia and his thyroid is normal.

Comment on anything else that you would like people to know about your stud, his breeding and his get.
Hogan is a charming clown who loves everyone and is confident that everyone must love him, too. He feels compelled to "entertain" whenever he has an audience.

Please summarize in a paragraph or two your breeding philosophy and how your stud dog fits into that philosophy.
My main objective was always the pursuit of my ideal of perfection and the establishment of a family of dogs who would be dominant for those hard-to-get virtues that I feel are so important. The desire was for a line of Collies that had elegance, exquisite heads and beautiful expressions that were also sound, in body and temperament. Due to space and time constraints, we have always had to evolve on a very small scale. As a rule, we only breed one litter every other year -- sometimes even less than that. So, each breeding becomes extremely important and must produce the improvements we are seeking for future generations. I determined early on that you could only use the very best individuals for each of these matings and that close line-breeding, with just a rare outcross, was the best way to accomplish my goals. I found that the tightly line-bred dog or bitch has a better chance of being dominant for passing on their own virtues and this is the philosophy to which I have adhered. As closely bred as he is, I would credit Hogan's ability as a sire to that philosophy.


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