Rough sires with multiple rough get who combined for at least 4 specialty majors, January through July, 2006. Also listed are the judges who awarded the majors and the number of points awarded.

#1 Ch. Southland's Bowen Island ROM

Ch. Southland's Bowen Island ROM
sable rough dog
12 specialty majors awarded to 8 rough get
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Avalar Grand Illusion
(D) Judge: Maret Halinen 3 pts
Avalar Marquee Razzle Dazzle
(B) Judges: George Boyce, Carol Boyce 3 pts, 3 pts
Highland Windcrest Nightline (D) Judge: Helga Kane 4 pts
Southland Bardstown (D) Judge: Dorothy Welsh 4 pts
Southland's Last Curtain Call (D) Judge: Tim Garrison 4 pts
Tartanside Ballet (B) Judges: Martha Ramer, Joan Kefeli 4 pts, 4 pts
Tartanside Benchmark
(D) Judges: Mike Van Tassell, Linda Tefelski 5 pts, 4 pts
Tartanside Birthright
(D) Judges: Tom Coen, Shirley Meger (D) 5 pts, 4 pts

#2 Ch. Fantasy's Bronze Sensation

Ch. Fantasy's Bronze Sensation
sable rough dog
11 specialty majors awarded to 6 rough get
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Blossom Hill Circle Of Life
(B) Judges: Pam Durazzano, Nioma Coen 4 pts, 3 pts
Fantasy's Bellvue Sensation
(D) Judges: Marcia Keller, Col. Joe Purkhiser, 4 pts, 4pts
Fantasy's Sassy Sensation
(B) Judges: Roz Durham, Maret Halinen 5 pts, 4 pts
Fantasy's Sensational (B) Judge: Helga Kane 4 pts
Fantasy's Wayside Legacy (D) Judges: Mary Sadler, Gayle Kaye, Mary Murphy 4 pts, 4 pts, 3 pts
M'Carroll's Christmas Fortune (B) Judge: Helga Kane 4 pts

#2 Ch. Barksdale Beneficiary

Ch. Barksdale Beneficiary
tri rough dog
11 specialty majors awarded to 8 rough get

Accent's Echoes of Hello (B) Judges: Joe Reno, Jackie Corwin 3 pts, 4 pts
Chelsea Mid Summer Classic (B) Judge: Col. Joe Purkhiser 4 pts
Conewago Riding With The King (D) Judges: Gayle Kaye, Joan Kefeli 3 pts, 3 pts
Marnus Living Daylights (B) Judges: Greg Betor, Gayle Kaye 5 pts, 4 pts
Marnus Lucky Strike
(D) Judge: Dr. Ted Kjellstrom 5 pts
Random Acres Over The Wall (B) Judge: Gayle Kaye 5 pts
Random Acres Sundown Sonata (B) Judge: Rayleen Hendrix 5 pts
Rosslane Conewago Th' Good Wych (B) Judge: Linda Robbins 4 pts

#4 Ch. Tartanside Allegiance

Ch. Tartanside Allegiance
sable rough dog
10 specialty majors awarded to 5 rough get
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Bristlecone's Ambassador (D) Judges: Helga Kane, Carl Williford 4 pts, 4 pts
Cheviot Sollis Gallant Boy
(D) Judge: Brenda Miramon 5 pts
Tartanside Limerick Lakeyah (B) Judges: Dan Cardoza, Helga Kane, Carole Stanley, Linda Tefelski 5 pts, 3 pts, 4 pts, 4 pts
Tartanside Rosewood Alliance (B) Judge: Gayle Kaye, 3 pts
Walters Drift Off To Dream (B) Judge: Dan Cardoza, Greg Betor 5 pts, 5 pts

#5 Ch. Impromptu' Written On The Wind

Ch. Impromptu' Written On The Wind
tri rough dog
8 specialty majors awarded to 5 rough get
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Gambit's Impromptu' Relentless (B) Judges: Joe Reno, Dan Cardoza, Carole Stanley 3 pts, 4 pts, 3 pts
Impromptu' Kalstorm's Impact (D) Judge: Judy Bryant 5 pts
Kalstorm's A Penny Saved (B) Judge: Janet Leek 4 pts
Kalstorm's Fiddle-De-De (B) Judge: Dr. Bill Brokken 3 pts
Sequoia's Five-O-One Blues (D) Judges: Sue Symington, Carole Stanley 5 pts, 4 pts

#6. Ch. Overland Gathering Storm ROM

Ch. Overland Gathering Storm ROM
tri rough dog
7 specialty majors awarded to 4 rough get
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Marnus Overland Rendezvous
(B) Judge: Janet Hitt 3 pts
Overland Andale
(B) Judges: Mary Wells, Linda Robbins, Dan Cardoza 4 pts, 5 pts, 3 pts
Overland Aurora (B) Judges: Shirley Meger, Ron McGee 4 pts, 4 pts
Overland Payton Of Vennessee
(D) Judge: Sally Futh 4 pts

#7 Ch. Fleur-De-Lis's Secret Weapon

Ch. Fleur-De-Lis's Secret Weapon
sable rough dog
6 specialty majors awarded to 4 rough get

Fantasy's Secret Fortune
(D) Judges: Joe Reno, Carl Williford, Mark Lucas 3 pts, 4 pts, 4 pts
Fantasy's Just Imagine
(B) Judge: Mark Lucas 4 pts
Alaric Bound By The Heart
(D) Judge: Joe Koehler 5 pts
Long Acre's Next Frontier
(D) Judge: Brian Phillips 3 pts

#8. Ch. Overland Field Of Dreams

Ch. Overland Field Of Dreams
sable rough dog
4 specialty majors awarded to 3 rough get

Overland Dream Merchant (D) Judge: Sue Fabeck 5 pts
Overland Three Wishes (B) Judges: Mike Van Tassell, Marcia Keller 5 pts, 4 pts
Overland Toy Soldier (D) Judge: Barbara Kenealy 5 pts

#8 Ch. Overland Summer Storm ROM

Ch. Overland Summer Storm ROM
blue merle rough dog
4 specialty majors awarded to 2 rough get

Highcroft Thunder Road (D) Judges: Tim Garrison, Betty Peplin 5 pts, 5 pts
Rockwood's Highcroft Shop'n Spree (B) Judges: Maralyn Busse, Mike Van Tassell 5 pts, 5 pts

The Collie presents an impressive, proud picture of true balance, each part being in harmonious proportion to every other part and to the whole.

– from the AKC Collie Breed Standard

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