Performance Week 2012

An Interview with COL

3. What makes your favorite performance activity your favorite?

Erin Gorney: I have several favorites. Herding -- I know this will sound cliche, but I love seeing a dog do what it's breed was intended to do and I'm enjoying learning a new venue. Tracking -- The only dog sport where the dog is in charge! The handler cannot see or smell the track, but must learn to trust their dog to follow a track that is minutes to hours old over and through different surfaces. How a dog does that is, for me, mind boggling, fascinating and thrilling to watch. Flyball -- It's fast. It's loud. It's a team sport. It's just plain fun!

Jolene McCuaig -- CH Davenloch Storm Warning CD RA AGNS AGNJS ADC SGDC SHDCh HIC VCJolene McCuaig: Wow that's a hard question as I do love all the actitvities we do, however, I love obedience first -- the feeling of being in the ring with your dog, being a team, all the hard work and hours of training finally coming together. I love tracking, there is something amazing and special that happens watching your dog track something you can't see with your own eyes, you have to trust your dog, this time he is in control.

Barbara Corriveau:
Agility is my favorite performance activity because the training is fun and it's a sport that is always fun to watch. The camaraderie amongst the Collie people is unmatched. I just love the Collie agility people.

Woodruff Collies -- CAN OTCh, HChA, ATChC, V.Ch., Am.Ch. & BISS Can.D.Ch. Signet's "Way To Go!" Woodruff, Can.(DD, HA, SDA, AgX, AgXJ, RE), Am.(CDX, HSAs, RE, NA, NAJ), STDsd, HRDII, RLFII, HTADI, Bronze AOM, ExStBronze, ExGBronze, ExJBronze, ExSBronze, BVA, MSCDC, EAC, TN-E, TG-O, OCC, OJC, WV-N, HP-N, RXMCL, CGC, CRTX, VXMarilyn Clayton: Hmmmmm . . . It's hard to decide between herding and agility. Herding has been the greatest challenge – so much to learn – so complex – but so gratifying when it comes together. And it's what our Collies were meant to do. To watch them herd with such power and pride is very fulfilling! Zephyr sees herding as 'his job' and he is very proud to do it well. Agility, on the other hand, is pure fun (like recess). And both activities are filled with supportive and wonderful new friends.

Michelle Shoemaker: My favorite performance activity changes with the season. Right now it is herding time so we concentrate on that and I love it. In the winter we will concentrate on obedience and breed. Agility starts up in the spring. I love whatever activity we are competing in at that time because of the thrill of competing and seeing the results of training.

Judy Belluomini: I still find obedience the most challenging to me. To do it well, it demands such precision. I also at times have found it difficult to transfer the training process into successful ring presentation. The latest performance venue in which I have become involved is herding. That has really been a challenge!! I must say that the better the dog becomes in working the sheep; the better I can read the situation.

Carol Lariviere: My favorite performance venue is agility! I love all the pieces of agility: training, developing drive, analyzing courses, watching the dog develop independent obstacle performance, and competing. I, of course, love to qualify but some of my best runs are ones where I've tried something different and find that it works! There's also that adrenalin high one gets after completing a fast, fantastic run!!

Noreen Bennett: Obedience is my favorite I guess because I grew up going to dog school each week as a kid. I can remember being as young as 5 years old, working with our Utility trained dog, giving hand signals, etc. Though it's the sport I compete in the least due to my schedule, it's the sport in which I feel most comfortable.

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The Collie presents an impressive, proud picture of true balance, each part being in harmonious proportion to every other part and to the whole.

– from the AKC Collie Breed Standard

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